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What is Text3r?

Text3r is a way to earn cash with minimum effort. The best money making app in the market, Text3r allows you to earn real cash with 3 different ways. Start gaining rewards by letting us do all the work! With brand new features and whole lot of surprises, just sit back, relax and watch the cash flow in with every text!

Let's start NOW!


Install the app on your android device, sign up with your email address and password.

Verify Your Account

Once your email has been verified, your phone number will be automatically detected.

Login and complete your SIM card setting

Set your SMS daily limit and start earning real cash.

More reasons why Text3r is for you

Money making app - Text3r
Simple and easy to use

Track outgoing SMS & credits earned on your dashboard.

Money making app - Text3r

Enable or disable multiple SIM cards, set SMS limit & change countries.

Money making app - Text3r
Money making app - Text3r
Easy and Secure Transactions

View rewards history, payment history, and check payment status.

Money making app - Text3r
Cash out as low as RM25

Redeem your SMS credits for cash directly to your bank account!

Money making app - Text3r
Money making app - Text3r
Continuous Daily Rewards

Login every day to collect daily rewards and bonuses in the form of SMS credits!

Money making app - Text3r
Sharing is Caring

For every friend becomes a part of Text3r, you’ll receive an extra referral of RM5!

Money making app - Text3r
See what's included in the app

Earn your cash before it turns to ash!


Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I get paid?

That depends on the amount of credits you accumulate. You earn 1 credit per SMS. The monetary value of each credit will depend on the destination country of your SIM card(s).

How do I transfer the money from Text3r to my bank account?

You can assign a bank account to each SIM card you wish to enable within Text3r. Once your credits reach the minimum payout amount, you can tap “Request Payment” on your Homepage to begin the transfer.

How many SMS should I set in SMS daily limit?

Recommended SMS limit is 50/day. However, you can set more if you wish. The more you sent, the more cash coming your way.

Why Text3r is not sending SMS through my SIM card although I have set/increase daily limit?
  • The amount of total SMS being sent out varies from time to time.
  • Check if you allow all permissions requested by Text3r.
  • Ensure that you have activated your SIM card in Text3r app.
  • Make sure Text3r keep running in the background to be able to ping Text3r server for new outgoing SMS.
I have more than one SIM card in my phone. Can I choose which to earn cash from?

Yes! You can choose to enable or disable either SIM card, or you can choose both.

Is there a limit to the number of texts Text3r will send from my phone?

You can set your own limit to the number of texts Text3r will send from your phone per day, though the maximum may or may not be reached. If you choose to have NO texts sent, you can disable your SIM card(s) within the app.

Is the app secure?

Yes, all communication within Text3r is encrypted, and all of our users’ data is also encrypted.

Is Text3r legit?

Text3r is definitely legit! We have thousands users who already cash out from Text3r. Visit our social media to see the testimonial.

Are my own personal texts being read by Text3r?

No. We do not have access to the texts you send and receive on your own. Texts will only be sent by Text3r through your telco provider.

What kind of text messages will be sent from my phone?

Text3r will send promotional and marketing campaigns using your phone number.

Can I discontinue using Text3r at any time?

Yes, by disabling the SIM card(s), we will stop sending SMS via that particular SIM card.

Where can I send my text to?

Text3r is available in Malaysia and Indonesia. You can send SMS out of your operator based location depending on your SMS package.

What happens if I travel out of the country and use a foreign SIM card?

You may enable a foreign SIM card for Text3r to send texts (subject to international and conversion rates) to Malaysian and Indonesian numbers, or you can disable it. Once Text3r has expanded to other countries, you may choose to enable or disable foreign SIM cards by changing your destination country (if applicable).

How do I know if my current mobile plan will allow the number of texts I want to be sent from my phone?

Please contact your telco provider personally to find out what capacity your mobile plan has for sending SMS. You can also refer to the tables below to find out which telcos and plans provide unlimited SMS services.

Further Settings on Various Devices

How to Keep The App Running in The Background?

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